Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tutti I Colori Del Buio

Tutti I Colori Del Buio, which translates to All of the colors of the dark, is a vicious hardcore band from Italy. Italy spits out some of the raddest bands! These guys are no exception. This is some intense violent sounding hardcore! Really good! Grab the 7" below. Bookhouse Records will be releasing the cassette version of this album in the coming months!


Rainmaker are from Sweden and play really badass screamo with a hardcore attitude. These dudes are releasing a split 7" with Øjne soon. Grab their records! Oh, and they are going on tour with my favorite dudes in Hexis!


Øjne​ are an amazing screamo/post-hardcore band from Milano, Italy. They had one of the best records out last year, and are going to be doing big things in the years to come. Look out for a sweet split with Rainmaker coming out soon. You can peep Rainmaker on the post above this!


Gafas Del Rigor cassettes called Eeva, "Sexy Post Punk/HC from Russia." I can't agree more with that statement.

Russia, baby. That's it! Spilling out some awesome jams, man! I'm digging hard lately. Anyways, this is Eeva. Stumbled on them when I was looking for a dude I used to talk to on myspace who was in this other awesome Russian screamo band. He plays in this band now. Eeva is really sweet mathy post rock. This stuff rules. At times I get an Off Minor vibe from them, and sometimes I get a new La Quiete vibe from them, which is always rad, right? Yup! So yeah get into it. Hopefully they do more! Their new LP is below! Coming out on a slew of great labels including your favorite Bookhouse Records here in the states.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Man Hands

Man Hands are a fierce and rabid fastcore mindfuck from Kent, UK.  These four dudes create an overall noisy blend of spastic punk played at blaring speeds with a mixture of thrash, powerviolence and early emoviolence.  These guys shred hard!  Download all of their material below and find out how awesome these pricks really are!  Rage it up.  Dig.

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Kid Pang, November Coming Fire, Tortuga & Sky:Lark

Jockeykiller EP (2014)

Lich Split 10" (2012)
(Man Hands Tracks Only)

Man Hands / Human Junk Split Cassette (2011)

Toecutter Split 7" (2010)
(Man Hands Tracks Only)

Demo CD-R (2010)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Serious Shit

"Damn right this is some serious shit.". This was my comment word for word after hearing this demo. Holy shit. Thrash crust punk with a darker progressive twist. Three dudes from Texas. That's all I got. Really hope to revisit this post again because this stuff gets different while still focusing on strong elements of thrash/crust.  

For fans of: The DedicationChoke Up, & Coke Bust 

Bad Faith

Hey, check it out another band with a name that's similar to a million other "bad" band names.  Erie, Pennsylvania's Bad Faith spit out an 11-song demo nonetheless. Fast and beefy punk throughout this debut. Download and punch god in the face.

For fans of:  FurnaceThe Cancer Kids, & Nomos

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dead Instrument

Picture of Dead Instrument
Copenhagen, Denmark's Dead Instrument is an unapologetic grind/powerviolence outfit that knows exactly how to shred faces.  This band plays at blistering speeds and never lets up.  The drummer is a maniacal, spazzed-out beast of a musician, the guitar riffs tear right through you and the vocals are a guttural mess of intense growls and shrieks.  What's not to like?  Seriously, peep this band, they're fucking nuts!  Dig.

See Through Negative 7" (2014)

Violent Death 12" EP (2012)

Maksimal Destruktion 12" EP (2008)


Picture of Missionary — http://boringcamera.tumblr.com/
Here is some surely pissed off American hardcore out of NYC from a cluster-fuck of members that formed Missionary.  This is some direct, aggressive and down-your-throat punk that's as tightly written as it is a low-fi mess of 80's inspired hardcore.  Everything about their sound is insane.  It's full of rage and non-stop energy and at the same time it drops tempo and adds minor Oi! elements to the mix that make the listen even more exciting.  Their tasty 7" just dropped recently and it's too good for words.  Dig.

American Strike 7" (2014)

 Demo Cassette (2013)

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Picture of Glue — photo by Caitlin O'Connor
Glue is from Austin, Texas and plays a perfect brand of American hardcore punk.  Their demo from 2012 is a godsend of stripped-down, riff driven, thumping punk bliss and they've finally released their follow-up 7"!  This band can do no wrong, and has certainly refreshed all gigs they're attending.  Constantly touring and hopefully writing,  let's pray for a sooner-than-later LP.  Snag and Dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Blotter, Iron Youth, Creamers,  Breakout & Recide

Self Titled 7" (2014)

Demo Cassette (2012)


Picture of ACxDC
California's ACxDC (Antichrist Demoncore) was formed back in 2003 and played an unrelenting brand of grind-fueled powerviolence that instantly blew up the scene.  ACxDC played an insane amount of rowdy shows, lost a couple members, reformed and continued to tear shit up again.  This band is classic.  Their non-stop energy, blazing speeds and throat-tearing vocals are only brief factors of this maniacal powerhouse.  Snag their long-awaited full length along with their previous blistering material below and dig!

Antichrist Demoncore LP (2014)

ACxDC / Magnum Force / Sex Prisoner 3-Way Split 10" (2013)

Live Cassette : TBFH Session #003 (2013)

Second Coming EP cover art
The Second Coming 7" (2012)

Break The Faith : Live Noise (2011)

He Had It Comin' EP cover art
He Had It Coming 7" (2005)

Jack Trippin' Demo (2004)