Saturday, October 25, 2014

Siberian Hell Sounds

Siberian Hell Sounds play an unrelenting concoction of grinding metal, crust and massive sludge grooves.  These dudes create a non-stop sound consisting of driving riffs coated in thick distortion, deep bass rhythms and intense vocals that range from guttural and girthy to throat-destroying shrieks.  These guys have been on my own personal back-burner for no damn good reason, but here you go.  Snag this destructive material below and dig!

SHS///NØNE cover art 
Siberian Hell Sounds / NØNE Split 10" (2014)

The PCPEP Cassette (2014)

Siberian Hell Sounds cover art 
Self Titled Cassette (2013)


Boston's Curmudgeon is an intense display of crushing metallic powerviolence that's heavy as hell.  Female fronted howls, pummeling drums, crunchy guitar chugs and deep bass tones are soaked with feedback and the result is brutally destructive.  I've been digging on this band for too long without throwing some props their way.  This shit is brutal.  Snag everything below and DIG!

Martyr Cassette (2013)
Amygdala cover art
Amygdala 12" EP (2013)

Wake Up Dead : Volume One Comp. 7" (2013)

Curmudgeon EP cover art 
Self Titled 7" (2012)
Human Ouroboros 7" (2011)


RVIVR is an amazingly fun punk rock band from Washington State.  Dual male/female sing-a-longs & rapid-fire guitar picking make this band surprisingly awesome.  Everytime I crank their jamz, a huge smile is slapped on my face and I can't resist from rockin' out heavy and bangin' my head!  So damn catchy and enjoyable, I feel everyone has to peep these guys/girls.  Rock-solid mood-music for a good time.  They make it sound simple yet so much magic is going on withing their songwriting and ends up as a perfect blend of punk rock.  The band's most recent release is incredibly catchy and just as addicting as their previous material has been.  Enjoy! Smile! Laugh! Sing! Jam! Dig!

Bicker and Breathe EP cover art
Bicker And Breathe 12" EP (2014)

The Beauty Between LP

Self Titled LP (2011)

The Joester Sessions 2008-2011 LP


Manic is from Atlanta,GA and plays some menacingly aggressive hardcore punk jams.  These primitive tunes are loaded with shredding guitar chords, down-tuned bass parts, frantic drum beatings and ugly strained vocals.  Their 7" rips hard as hell and leaves you wanting plenty more.  Snag and Dig!

Self Titled 7"

Land Of Nod : Atlanta Punk & Hardcore Omnibus Comp. LP

2011 Demo Cassette

Death To Tyrants

Death To Tyrants hails from Peterborough, NH and play a timeless blend of experimental hardcore, math rock and sometimes folk.  Mostly instrumental, these guys keep it progressive and jazzy with endless time changes and epic build-ups that are simply mind-blowing.  Their sound flows from spastic and technical to beautifully arranged ambiance.  DTT are always refreshing to hear and have been one of the most standout bands I've had the privilege to see live.  It's pure talent and 4 friends creating amazing songs  
for the love of jamming.  This incredible NH band just dropped a brand new 7" on Tor Johnson Records and it's the first new material from the band in far too long.  Death To Tyrants has always been one of my absolute favorites and their long-awaited EP is easily some of the finest material that has blessed this year of already great music.  The only releases I can't seem to dig up are the Expositions 2-8 CD-R and Cast & Camber Remix's.  Snag everything below and listen in awe.  This shit's magic.  Also, keep on the lookout for a possible Ampere / Death To Tyrants Split 8" in the future!!??  Dig.

Untitled cover art
Untitled 7" (2014)

Wake Up and Be cover art
Wake Up And Be LP (2006)

Live At Dead Air : 4-Way Split 11" (2006)
(DTT Tracks Only)

Cast & Camber : Nos. 1-11 CD (2005)

Sparrow Night cover art
Death To Tyrants / Dogs Of Ire Split 10" (2004)

Experience will be your Monument and your Love cover art
Experience Will Be Your Monument And Your Love LP (2004)

Death to Tyrants cover art
Self Titled CDep (2003)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ritual Mess

Ritual Mess brings you a sound that sparks back to the foundation of Gravity Records with nods to such bands as Antioch Arrow, and The Swing Kids, but all the while keeping a highly original sound that's undeniably aggressive and delivers a hard punch.  Their Debut 7" was a stunning display of exactly what the members were aiming for.  Then a recent full-length was released and gave this band room to get in your head completely.  This is passion and intensity that's captured with a masterful production and will sure live long after your first aural injection.  This is the closest thing to an Orchid reunion indeed.  Snag these gems below and DIG!

Vile Art LP (2014)

 Self Titled 7" (2012)

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Picture of Die
The United Kingdom's DiE is a thumping, snarling and primitive brand of intensely menacing hardcore.  Powerful walls of distorted bass and guitars flood over barbarian drums and vicious vocal assaults with massive success.  The band's debut was a complete rager beyond compare and now they recently dropped another destructive EP.  Snag and dig.  This is insane!!

- For Fans Of:  The Flex, Ajax, Warthog & Violent Reaction

VEXED E.P. cover art
Vexed 7" (2014)

Picture of Die
DiE 7" (2013)

Mad Dog

NYC's Mad Dog is made up of ex-Nomos members and constructs a straight-forward-yet-furious hybrid of 80's oi punk from the UK and classic American hardcore that just goes straight for the kill.  These oddly melodic and fuzzed out jams keep a steady pace of stomping beats, crappy guitar leads, driving bass lines and ugly vocals.  Snag their debut demo below and dig.

Demo (2014)


Albany New York's, Firestarter bring on the fun. Think pop-punk with an aggressive pulse that leans towards the punk element of the genre. Really good stuff. And what makes it better is their singer doesn't sound like he's trying to sound like Mark or Tom from Blink-182. For some reason, that's all I've been running into these days when I give pop-punk a chance. Thank you, Firestarter for being original. Their current discography is below.    

Members were also in: Casting Call 


Picture of Koward
Koward hails from the Boston area and plays a hard hitting and messy brand of destructive d-beat punk.  This outfit rages hard as hell with unstoppably forceful chord shredding, pummeling drums, muddy bass and howling grunts.  These guys just dropped a brand new release of musical intensity that you can't pass up.  Snag everything below and DIG!

- Members Also Play(ed In:  Scapegoat, Subclinix, Terokal & Anxiety

Koward - Desperate EP cover art 
Desperate 7" (2014)

Self Titled 7" (2012)

Koward And Friends Comp. Cassette (2012)

 Demo Cassette (2011)

Black Love

Black Love is kinda progressive, kinda 90's rock, kinda poppy, and kinda dark. There really isn't a way to describe them, but that's what I enjoy about these guys the most. They dabble in multiple genres. Peep all their releases below. Doesn't matter which, they're all pretty kick ass. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Young Offenders

Fuck.  I know this might not be the most ideal post considering the lack of releases, but I need to share this with people who haven't heard about this band. Young Offenders.  Awesome catchy post-punk from San Francisco. Below is their LP that Deranged put out in 2010 along with everything else I could find.  Snag everything below, now! 

- Members were also in:  Merdoso & Nerves