Saturday, January 31, 2015


Hexis is a rowdy and destructive DIY hardcore extravaganza from Copenhagen, Denmark.  These guys play a super heavy style of distorted, beefed up black-metal/grindcore infused hardcore punk.  Powerful blasts of furious guitar riffs, thundering drums and doomy bass all topped off with girthy growls and screams.  Hexis is fucking devastating as hell!  Prepare to get your brain crushed in, enjoy the jams and DIG.

-For Fans Of:  WhorlsCeleste, Dead PeasantsDeafheaven

Split w/This Gift Is A Curse cover art
This Gift Is A Curse Split 7" (2015)
(Hexis Track Only)

Hexis / Primitive Man Split 10" (2014)

Abalam LP (2014)

Hexis / Redwood Hill Split 7" (2013)

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X 7" (2012)

Hexis / As We Draw / Euglena : 3-Way Split LP (2011)
(Hexis Tracks Only)

Demo Cassette (2011)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sem Hastro

Picture of Sem Hastro
Some dudes from Coke Bust and Sick Fix joined forces with a Brazilian friend of theirs for vocal duties and formed Sem Hastro in the summer of 2014.  This is some awesomely catchy, rough and stomping punk that's insanely fun.  They dropped one hell of a demo last year that needs to be heard.  Snag it below and hope for more soon.  Dig!

- For Fans Of:  Glam, Sex Vid, Futuro & Rayos X

Demo Cassette (2014)


Cloakroom is the brainchild of Doyle Martin, who was also the singer/guitarist of Grown Ups. And for those of you who are familiar with his previous band, you were probably just as surprised as I was when you didn't hear noodling or twinkling guitar-work coming out of your speakers. In fact, Cloakroom is probably the most diverse thing Martin could have done after Grown Ups. Consisting of only three members, Cloakroom play a hybrid of gloomy post-rock slowcore that is both beautiful and melancholy.  Sometimes in the same song.  Listen to everything below and get lost.

- For Fans Of:  Brand New, Technicolor Teeth, & My Bloody Valentine 
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mutilation Rites

Mutilation Rites and Full Of Hell live from Kobo 2/23/2014
Brooklyn, New York's Mutilation Rites play a uncompromisingly heavy and unsettling brand of hard-hitting American black metal.  Their massive sound captures blistering drum beatings, thick buzzing riffs, muddled bass and throat shredding vocals.  This band is incredibly brutal and leaves you wanting much more to say the least.  Snag everything I could find from these barbarians and dig hard!

- Members Also Play(ed In:  Tombs, Hexer, Ruine, Today Is The Day & Wetnurse

Harbinger LP (2014)

Empyrean cover art
Empyrean LP (2012)

I Am Legion cover art
I Am Legion 12" EP (2012)

Devoid cover art
Devoid 12" EP (2011)

Demo CD-R (2010)


Gas Rag

Chicago's Gas Rag plays a mess of fuzzy, rocking d-beat and raging thrash punk.  This is loaded with crashing cymbals, endless drum fills, squealing guitar chords drenched in feedback and fucking ugly vocals.  This shit's rad, raw and thrashes hard.  Everything this band has released rips so fucking hard especially their final 7"!  Easily some of the gnarliest punk jams dropped in recent years.  Snag everything below and Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Kremlin, HarhaaCülo, Bloodkrow Butcher & Perdition

On The Beach 7" (2014)

Beats Off 12" EP (2014)

Human Rights 7" (2013)

Demo Cassette (2013)