Sunday, January 27, 2013


Japan's D-Clone is one of the nastiest, crustiest and noisiest d-beat outfit in the world.  This shit is a relentless assault on the senses with straining vocal howls, chainsaw riffs loaded with layers of distortions, completely fuzzed-out bass parts and relentless drum skills that never seem to slow down.  This is chaos.  This is mayhem.  This is unapologetic d-beat hardcore constructed by three insanely dedicated and talented crust-punk basterds.  D-Clone is a breath of fresh air and a rough-yet-rewarding breath it is.  This shit's nuts and needs acknowledgement.  Snag everything I could find below and dig.

-For Fans Of:  Kriegshog, MauserAcursed & Zyanose

Creation And Destroy LP (2012)

D-Clone / Mauser / Folkeiis 3-Way Split 7" (2012)

D-Clone / System Fucker Split 7" (2011)

D-Clone / Nerveskade Split 7" (2011)

Drop A Noise Bomb 7" (2009)

D-Clone / Morpheme Split 7" (2008)

Nagoya City Hardcore Comp. LP (2009)

D-Clone / Isterismo Live Split Cassette (2009)

Enjoy D-Beat & Noise!!! 7" (2007)

Demo Cassette (2005)

Rehearsal Studio Tape

Crow Eater

Here's a venomous, noisy and obnoxious brand of hardcore from Calgary, Alberta, Canada's Crow Eater.  This band rages at a fierce pace with ugly, chugging punk riffs, thunderous bass, constant drum chaos and menacingly nasty dual vocals.  These guys have two releases under their belt and they are fucking brutal.  Their sound is grimey, fast and thrashy as hell.  This mess of hardcore punk shouldn't be missed.  Snag their discography below and find out how sick these guys are.  DIG!

Seasick EP cover art
Seasick EP (2012)

Grave Wax cover art
Grave Wax EP (2011)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


REPOST! These dudes play an awesome style of punk n' roll. Punky parts mixed with good ol' fashion fist pumping guitar riffs that never disappoint. Scena is a super group of members from Italy's more well known punk, screamo, and hardcore acts. They went on hiatus for a couple of years, but now they're back with this kick ass EP. Snag it below and hope they don't take another break...ever.

For Fans Of:  The Refused & Comadre

Scena EP

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fang Island

photo taken by brandon herman// in My Photos by
Get ready for some "music for people who like music."  Fang Island formed while members were attending the Rhode Island School Of Design, and created an utterly cosmic math-rock brand of music that includes a  phenomenal mix of indie and classic rock.  Their group vocal harmonies are filled with utter joy while the music plays an always-driving brand of rock with an insane amount of twists and turns.  Fang Island's sound was once described as "everyone high-fiving everyone" and all I can say is.... I wish I had an army of humans to high-five while cranking to this great band.  I honestly can't say anything more to talk them up, their music says EVERYTHING!  Get into this, or just be a miserable douche if you don't wanna have fun.  DIG!!!!

Major LP (2012)

Self Titled LP (2010)

Sky Garden EP (2008)

Day Of The Great Leap (2006)


REPOST!  California's Needles is a super-fast hardcore frenzy made up of members from such bands as Limp Wrist, Los Crudos, Look Back And Laugh, California Love and plenty others.  These guys will ravage through your speakers with frantic, thrashy, no-fucking-around hardcore punk that you will never get enough of.  This is how it should be done.  Fast, chaotic, intense and fun.  Snag everything below, it's bloody fuckin' brilliant!  Dig.

Desesperacion 7" (2012)

Noise Ordinance Comp. LP (2011)
(Needles Track Only)

Desastre 7" (2010)

Twisted Visions 7" (2007)

This Town Needs Guns

REPOST!!!  UK's This Town Needs Guns are the ultimate indie math rock band today. Technical guitars, beautiful song writing, and very heartfelt lyrics that will soothe any fan of the genre. Just think a more techy American Football with a little more speed. Their singer/rhythm guitarist is leaving to be a father, which is a bummer for the band. His voice was one of the signature things about TTNG and they'll never be the same, but I recently checked out their new singer's other band, Pennines and they're pretty sweet. The singer sounds similar to the old TTNG singer, but he doesn't sound as forceful with his delivery if that makes sense.  These mathematical bastards just dropped an amazing new full-length that's simply astonishing and filled with pure emotion.  Snag their discography below.  Dig!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

For Serious This Time

Garage indie rockers, For Serious This Time might have a more rougher sound than most of the bands who share the genre, but that's what makes these guys so rad. Below is their current discography. Download and open your mind.    

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sniffing Glue

Picture of Sniffing Glue
Germany's Sniffing Glue plays an urgent and aggressive brand of 80's-inspired hardcore punk that simply owns!  Since 2006 these punx have been killing it all over Europe with a down-your-throat attitude and a non-stop assault on the senses.  Their sound is loaded with frantic guitar chords, plucky bass lines, non-stop drums and throaty, energetic vocals.  These guys blew me away, well, what I've heard so far.  Sadly I can't find everything they put out, below is everything I could find, enjoy what's there and share if you got more!  These guys are rad as hell!  Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Government Warning, Social Circkle, Minor Threat & Void

Self Titled LP (2011)

I'm Not Alright 12" EP (2009)

Sniffing Glue / Press Gang Split 7" (2009)

Suburban Suicide, Suburban Violence 7" (2007)

Demo Cassette (2006)



Pliant is a crushing, unrelenting and overall destructive hardcore outfit with members out of  MA and D.C.  These guys and gal play super sludgy, downtuned metallic hardcore with elements of grind and crust.  Thunderous bass and drums are the backbone to heavy-duty, chugging riffs, venomous howls and layers of muddy distortions.  Their 7" is one of the rowdiest releases I heard in 2012.  Their Demo is raw and awesome as well, especially for being recorded with a single mic.  Snag their two mind-blowing releases below and DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Veld, Host, Veloz, Skvlt, Deathrats, State Violence & Hubris

7" ep cover art
Self Titled 7" (2012)

Demo cover art
Demo (2011)

Mockingbird Wish Me Luck

REPOST!  Mockingbird Wish Me Luck is a rad-as-hell punk rock band from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  These four dudes write masterful and heartfelt jams with plenty harmony and rough edges to match.  MWML create perfectly crafted melodies topped with gruff vocals that sound like the singer smokes 2-3 packs a day.  These guys are sooo fuckin' sick!  Everything fits in the best possible ways.  Such a fresh and far-from-recycled sound.  Below I posted everything I could snag from 'em.  Dig this shit deeeeep!

-For Fans Of:  The Sidekicks, Hot Water Music & Small Brown Bike

Living Weakness b/w Ignescent cover art
Living Weakness / Ignescent 7" (2011)

Branches Cover Art
Branches 7" (2010)

Goodbye Debris Cover Art
Goodbye Debris (2009)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Creation Is Crucifixion

Picture of Creation Is Crucifixion
Creation Is Crucifixion was a crazy technical metal/hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA that formed in early '97 and went on hiatus in 2001.  These guys were waaay ahead of the game.  CIC created eerie walls of noise and weird sampling parts to mesh with their constant fret climbing riffs, thunderous bass and nonstop grinding drum skills.  The members are incredibly smart and construct amazingly progressive jams that are timeless especially among all this new copy-cat shit coming out.  Below is everything I could hunt down.  I believe the only release I'm missing is their split with Fate Of Icarus.  I want to also give a huge thanks to Robotic Obscurities for the Antenna Builder tracks.  Snag these classics and indulge in the mathy goodness.  DIG!

Antenna Builder (Unreleased)

Dethrone Of Devour 7" (2001)

Child As Audience CD-R (2000)

In Silico LP (1999)

Automata LP (1999)

Suicide Nation Split 7" (1999)
(CIC Track Only)

Unruh Split 7" (1999)
(CIC Track Only)

Descent From Heaven 7" (1998)