Saturday, March 4, 2017


Post-rock, progressive, psychedelic emotional hardcore madness.  Brooklyn's Gospel is a band that falls between the cracks of genres.  If you're fan of any type of music that's progressive, heavy and flat out mind-blowing, Gospel is what the doctor ordered.  Their drummer, Vincent Roseboom is probably the best drummers I've ever heard, this guy's a BEAST.  These guys have pushed the boundaries since their 2004 split with Kentucky's Kodan Armada.  They briefly got back together after their breakup in in 2006 and showed promise of a follow-up album to The Moon Is A Dead World but that slowly diminished into a 2 song demo release.  Below are the band's final two demo tracks from 2010, a live recording of their 23 minute opus "The Magic Volume of Dark Matter", their immaculate full length LP and to wrap things up the Kodan Armada split.  Take notes and Dig!

-Members Also Play(ed)In:  Helen Of Troy & I Am The Resurrection

Demo (2010)

The Magic Volume Of Dark Matter [Live] (2006)

The Moon Is A Dead World LP (2005)

Lived Cassette (2004)

Kodan Armada / Gospel Split 10" (2004)
Gospel in Boston, MA playing Golden Dawn in 2005.


  1. the link for the moon is a dead world is fixed. my bad

  2. do you know if the drummer is/has been in other bands? he's just ridiculously good

  3. Thank you SOOO MUCH for this, I cannot find this anywhere else!


  5. By far one of the best bands I've ever heard. Sadly, I have never been able to find anything with the same approach to music and the same talent.