Saturday, April 11, 2015

Divine Right

Divine Right was a snarling, ugly and raw hardcore punk band from Chicago that left behind some awesomely fucked-up and experimental jams that I never get tired of hearing.  This material is a stomping mess of buzzing guitar chords, constant drum-work and obnoxious vocals that're spit right in your face.  Divine Right delivered some fierce and awkwardly catchy punk gems that hit hard and leave you wanting so much more.  Snag everything below and DIG!

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Strangers, Gidim, Boilerman, Ooze, Vacuus, Rash, Pillage, The PineLoser Life & Human Mess

DIVINE RIGHT cover art
Self Titled LP (2013)

Image result for divine right pray for me
Pray For Me 7" (2011)

Demo Cassette (2010)


Picture of Finisterre
Here's some crusty, driving and intense d-beat hardcore from Köln, Germany's Finisterre.  This powerhouse was a dark and heavy display of crushingly discordant riffs, thick bass structures, non-stop drum insanity and ferocious vocal howls.  These guys were mean-as-fuck and should be pretty well known by now.  Snag their discography below and DIG!!!!!!

- For Fans Of:  Masakari, Jungbluth, Tragedy & Centuries

split 7" EP w/ Geraniüm cover art
Finisterre / Geraniüm Split 7" (2013)

hexis cover art
Hexis 12" EP (2012)

bitter songs cover art
Bitter Songs LP (2010)

split w/ alpinist cover art
Alpinist / Finisterre Split LP (2008)

Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron was a short-lived screamo project from Pennsylvania.  Existing from 2005-2006, these guys spit out a ripping EP consisting of manic, aggression-drenched sounds that're complex and loaded with heart-wrenching emotion.  They give me similar vibes of the early 2000's greats such as Neil Perry or Jerome's Dream.  Snag their only release below and dig.

Picture of Harrison Bergeron
Dead Bergeron EP


Vancouver's Oaf is a gritty, blown out, thrashing mess of distorted hardcore punk.  Their two demo's came out of nowhere and kicked me square in the face.  The production of their material is ugly in the best way and these driving tracks of blasting drum beats, frantic guitar riffs and fierce vocals are captured perfectly.  Not much else can be said so listen and have fun.  Dig.

Demo II Cassette (2015)

Demo Cassette (2014)

Friday, April 10, 2015


Being labeled as "street rock" since they debuted, NYC's Vanity is a wet dream for the working-class punk or any fan of punk influenced rock coming out of the UK in the late 70's. Their demo is a little slow and it's a solid effort for a debut, but Vein In Life is a statement that Vanity has mastered the sound they intended to produce. Their newest two song 7" picks up where their LP left off. Snag their current discography below.  

Members are/were in: CREEMNatural LawNuclear SpringThe Rival Mob, & Raw Meat

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mercy Killings

Picture of Mercy Killings — At the Green Room in RVA on July, 24 2013.
Here's some fierce and supercharged hardcore punk from Richmond, Virginia's Mercy Killings.  Consisting of forceful vocal grunts, pummeling drums, ripping punk chords and squealing guitar leads.  These guys rip hard!  Snag their two EP's below and let's all hope for more... SOON!!!  Dig.

Snuffed Out 7" (2014)

Self Titled 7" (2013)


This trio cranks from Singapore, which is a long way from where their motor-punk style started. Not that it matters because these guys shred flawlessly. Lemmy would be proud to hear their recorded output to say the absolute least. Snag some Snaggletooth and be on the prowl for an upcoming Self Titled 7" and a split 7" with Vault.

Members are also in:  Vaarallinen & Distrust

For fans Of:  Doomriders, Motorhead & Saviours

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Videos

This single has been banging around for years now and I've been waiting for more material but I haven't heard jack shit about these guys, so here you go. The Videos. Members of the all mighty Ceremony? Not sure because I can't find anything on them besides a vague bandcamp page. The Videos defiantly have a new wave punk vibe like Ceremony's latest LP, as well as a sex-fueled party rock thing going. I'd say be on the look out for more stuff, but this two song single dropped in 2013.   

For fans of:  CeremonyNegative Press, & Panthers

Hot Dudes

I found out about these guys like five years ago. Asshole Music For Asshole People posted them and I dug them immediately. Hot Dudes were a two-piece from RI that played indie punk with a 90's touch and a cool minimal style. I'm sure if they were still playing, everyone would be sucking their dicks in praise since this sort of style is the next best thing. Download their only EP and ask yourself why Hot Dudes never got the recognition they deserved. 

Members were also in:  Ask Mice & Algernon Cadwallader

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Terrible Feelings

These Swedish guys and gal have been dishing out some rad dancy punk jams since 2010, but have yet to slow down or become redundant. Terrible Feelings' songs are highly inspired by 80's retro rock with poppy song structure that leans towards punk, which makes them more modern. I've seen this band posted on a lot of blogs, and I'm an idiot for not listening to them sooner. Below is their current discography. Don't be stupid like me and download this shit now. 

* The Death To Everyone CD EP is a collection of songs from their Demo, Tied Up 7", Impending Doom 7", & Blank Heads 7"  

For fans of: The CarsNight Birds, & Bloc Party

Backwoods 7"

Short Days

This three-piece from France play a more forceful and consistent form of punk reminiscent of the bands below. Think punk n' roll. It's the shit punks aren't afraid to call catchy.

For fans of: Warsong & Social Circkle

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mystic Inane

This is some weird and fucked up punk influenced noise. Mystic Inane is not for the faint of heart, or for people who expect to be hooked after one listen. Just download it already.

Members were also in: Necro Hippies