Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scary Man

Scary Man. The Olympia Wa punk super group before they were even considered one. They dropped a demo tape back in 2010, broke up then recently got back together. Why? Who gives a shit. These six tracks are thrashy and riddled with that punk mentality of not giving a fuck about anything. Snag it and harass these guys for a follow up 7" or something.

Members are also in: GAG 

For fans of: Cut The ShitNomos, & Women In Prison

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Brighton, UK's Dopefight are a sludge soaked stoner metal behemoth!  This trio constructs insanely powerful, riff-filled sounds that are ridiculously heavy and have massive doom and hardcore influences.  This band is absolutely demolishing and loaded with tasty stoner-rock grooves for endless head-banging.  The only release I can't find of theirs is a split CDep they did with Dead Existence.  Everything else is posted below.  Snag these mammoth jamz and DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Sea Legs, Finisher, Dopethrone & Bongzilla

Premature Nethanderal Idiocracy (Demo) (2012)

Gurt Split 7" (2012)
(Dopefight Tracks Only)

Buds LP (2010)

Demo CDep (2009)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nuke Cult

We Play Ugly Music! Fuck You! is the title of Nuke Cult's second tape, and it describes them perfectly overall. Disgusting fuzzed-out degenerate punk. Love how snotty the vocals get in these tapes. From photos it seems like the singer is a crazy fuck, which I'm sure makes Nuke Cult fucking intense if you see them live. Snag their two tapes below and get dirty. 

Members are also in: Sucked DryDirty Work, & No Master

For fans of: Kremlin, & Culo 

Hail Mary

Hail Mary was a fierce and highly energetic hardcore punk super-group based outta New York.  Featuring members of Das Oath, Monster X, Deathsquad, Limp Wrist, Dropdead, Conniption & sooo much more, they spit out numerous releases in the late 90's and eventually split up in the early 2000's.  These guys played an incredible brand of punk rock that's just full of nasty vocals, guitar thrashing and pumped-up bass and drums.  These jamz are timeless and have to be praised. Below is everything I could hunt down so far.  Their LP is so fuckin' good!  Snag everything and if anyone has any other releases, please share da goodz!  Dig.

Not Live 7" (2002)

All Aboard The Sinking Ship LP (1999)
Red Scare Split 5" (1999)

Thank You For Teaching Me To Hate Myself 7" (1999)

Glorious Morning 7" (1998)

My Will To Die Is Dead 7" (1998)

Crashing Down 7" (1997)

Demo Cassette (1997)

Missing Releases...
- Track From Destroy New Granada Comp. LP [Single-Sided] (2001)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Muff Divers

Oh, shit. Just found this little gem and had to share it. Featuring one guy from ETL records on guitar and Joe Muffin of Nancy fame on vocals. The Muff Divers play a sweet mash up of punk, rock, & 70's glam. A drum machine keeps time on this demo, giving it an even more retro sound if you ask me. This demo is quick. Listen to it twice. Muff Divers is crucial if you're Nancy fan.   

Members are in: Dangus Tarkus, & Nancy  


Philadelphia, PA's Leather is a noisy brand of rocking hardcore punk.  These grime bags play an intense and driving mix of feedback, fuzz, and grit soaked punk with howling vocals that're as ugly as they need to be. They're loaded with harsh melodies and menacing vibes along with a classic 80's DC sound. Snag their previous releases below and get stoked.  Dig!

Easy LP (2014)

Sterile 7" (2011)

Wretch 7" (2011)

Anchorite 7" (2010)

Demo Cassette (2009)

Friday, April 4, 2014


Vaaska. Texas D-beat crust sung in spanish. Whaaaat? Yup. These guys have been ripping it up since '09 and I can't believe we've haven't posted them sooner. Fast, raw, and plenty of squealing solos. What's not to love? They just dropped a split 7" with Impalers and it rips hard. Download their current discography and give Austin some fucking credit. They got some amazing shit cranking out of that city lately.

Members are also in: Hatred Surge, Impalers, Criaturas & Mammoth Grinder


Picture of Reivers
Oakland's Reivers is a ripping onslaught of beefed-up hardcore that's loaded with energy and never stops rocking.  This is a female-fronted riff-fest of heavy duty hardcore that even adds catchy hooks to the mix.  Their sound  is a flawlessly captured hybrid of d-beat and hardcore punk that's drenched with crust.  This band is rowdy as hell and one of my personal addictions lately.  Dig hard.  Dig deep.  

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  GhostlimbDangersGraf Orlock, Greyskull & Acts Of Sedition

State Effects-Trait Effects EP (2014)

Sympathetic Shock LP (2012)

Schemata 7" (2010)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Total Abuse

Since 2006 Total Abuse has blessed us with a distinctive style of punk that many have tried to replicate, but failed miserably. I'm talking about the noisey, thrashy, self-loathing, sexually sick, & mysterious punk. The shit that isn't for the weak or squeamish. Total Abuse was the first band to really introduce me to this form of punk, and I'm an idiot for not posting these guys sooner. Snag what I could find below. And please, someone hook it up with their first two releases!    

*Missing Releases: 2006 Demo & Total Abuse LP

Members were/are also in: CaptiveBreathing Problem, The Snobs, & Women In Prison

For fans of: Cult Ritual, Raw Nerve, & Kremlin

Cara Neir

by Evan Craig in Logo(s) by
Dallas, Texas' Cara Neir is a fucking blast of experimentation, aggression and energy.  They're a 2-piece black-metal, grind-punk band full of sludge, crust and violence.  Their sound is dark and punishing with an onslaught of face-melting riffs, unholy drum programming and harrowing shrieks.  These dudes are brutal as hell and combine these elements of the extreme into perfection and the overall concoction is heavy, ripping and highly memorable. Snag their discography below and dig.

Split With Flesh Born (2014)

The Overwatch EP (2014)

Portals to a Better, Dead World cover art
Portals To A Better, Dead World LP (2013)

Kek's Sarcophagus cover art
Yohimbe Records Comp. Vol. 1 (2012)
(Cara Neir Track Only)

Sublimation Therapy EP cover art
Sublimation Theory EP (2012)

Split with Ramlord cover art
Ramlord Split Cassette (2012)
(Cara Neir Tracks Only)

4-Way Split with Horseback/Venowl/Njiqahdda cover art
Horseback / Njiqahdda / Venowl / Cara Neir : 4-Way Split Cassette (2012)
(Cara Neir Tracks Only)

Stagnant Perceptions cover art
Stagnant Perceptions CD-R (2011)

Picture of Cara Neir — Logo by Evan Craig
Siege Of Power Vol. 1 Comp. Cassette (2010)
(Cara Neir Track Only)

Part I cover art
Parts I + II (2009)