Saturday, May 5, 2012

Direct Control

Direct Control is an incredibly fast, thrashy and urgent hardcore punk band from Richmond, VA.  These guys played some of the best 80's inspired punk I've ever heard.  These jams were full of harsh and frantic vocals, chugging bass, and relentless thrash riffs that never showed a sign of slowing down.  Sheer energy and aggression poured out from these guys every step throughout their existence.  Everything the band released is posted below.  Snag, thrash, dig, repeat.  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Government Warning, School Jerks & Social Circkle

Farewell LP (2009)

Strung Up Split LP (2006)
(Direct Control Tracks Only)

Nuclear Tomorrow 7" (2005)

You're Controlled LP (2005)

Self-Titled 7" (2004)

Bucktown Hardcore LP (2002-2005)

(The Bucktown Hardcore LP was released in 2010 on Tankcrimes.  It consists of material from their War All The Time Summer Demo 2002, Spring Demo 2003 and other recorded sessions from 2004 & 2005)


  1. Hey man! This is sick! All the albums! Thank you so much! Good luck with your life!

  2. Hey dude! Any idea how I can get my paws on these files again?