Saturday, May 5, 2012

In Disgust

In Disgust is a destructive grindcore outfit based out of San Jose, CA.  Formed back in 2006, these dudes play a super-heavy blend of blazing grind that's filled with walls of distortion and blaring intensity.  These guys are insanely tight live and create a surely-blissful amount of blasting chaos.  Girthy vocals of howling growls and gut-wrenching shrieks are coated over a non-stop orchestra of fuzzed out bass, crunchy riffs and endless amounts of blastbeats.  One word....ROWDY!  Snag their discography below and look for a split 5" with SFN in the near future.  DIG!

Pretty Little Flower Split LP (2010)
(In Disgust Tracks Only)

Live At Gilman Cassette (2008)

San Jose Oldies Vol. 1 : Collection CD (2006-2008)

(The San Jose Oldies Vol. 1 CD is a compilation that includes material from their West Coast Grind Violence Demo 2006, Reality Choke 10", Split 7" w/ Sidetracked, Split 7" w/ Mass Grave, Live Radio Split 7" w/ Godstomper & some unreleased jamz.)

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