Saturday, September 3, 2011


Magrudergrind is one of the craziest, fastest, and most punishing American powerviolence bands that has ever walked this earth!  No joke!  These dudes make so much fucking noise, it's flabbergasting!  The guitar is mad thick with feedback and distortion, it almost sounds like there's a bassist playing along to his frenzied riffs!  The drummer, who also plays in Coke Bust, is a goddamn maniac, playing at speeds that seem humanly impossible.  It's crazy how both musicians make it look so fuckin' easy.  The vocalist, Avi, compliments the band's intensity with his high-pitched screams and beefy growls flawlessly.  They will in fact tear your face off and make your eardrums burst.  Below is everything Magrudergrind released.  62 Trax Of Thrash CD is a compilation of the band's earlier material from 2002-2005.  Enjoy...then Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Fuck On The Beach, Magnum Force, Infest & Spazz

Crusher 10" (2011)

Self Titled LP (2009)

This Comp. Kills Facists Vol. 1 (2008)
(Magrudergrind Tracks Only)

Rehashed LP (2007)

Shitstorm Split LP (2006)
(Magrudergrind Tracks Only)

Sylvester Staline Split 7" (2006)
(Magrudergrind Tracks Only)

62 Trax Of Thrash CD (2002-2005)


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