Sunday, September 4, 2011


Brooklyn's Nomos are a thrashy mess of hardcore mixed with elements of 80's punk. Fast, angry, and intense. The way all thrash should be. Nomos might be worm food, but it hasn't surfaced on the internet yet. I really hope not because these guys own, and are well capable of dishing out some more shit. But if they do, I won't be surprised. Most good bands do that sort of thing. Fuck. Discography's below.

- Members Also Play(ed) In: Dustheads & Red Handed

- For Fans Of:  Raw Nerve, Aerosols, Cancer Kids & Das Oath 

The Men Split CS
(Nomos Tracks Only)

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  1. Hi, the Notes From Acheron link seems to be dead. Any chance of a fix? Great, great blog btw! So much great stuff.