Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Cancer Kids

The Cancer Kids. That's all you should need, but for those of you who are beyond lost here's a little something: The Cancer Kids were an amazing punk band from Western MA, playing at lightening speeds with thrash and 80's punk influence. They only played a handfull of shows before calling it quits. A few years back they got back together for two reunion shows. Clean Plate also released a super limited, one sided, one song 7" entitled "Boston Cream". Below is that 7", a split with Melee, and their amazing as fuck lp "The Possible Dream". This is one record everyone should own! It amazes me that I still find copies at the record store. This had a one time pressing of 700. If you don't have this there is something wrong with you. Dig the almighty Cancer Kids!

Split 7" with Melee

The Possible Dream LP

Boston Cream 7" +1


  1. Was looking for an email to contact the person who runs this blog, but the song "Choke On My Vomit, Craig" is missing from the Melee split file...

  2. Does this rip of The Possible Dream have that 'weird shit' going on on track 12? Been searching for a loooong time for a version that doesn't. What do you have by Waco Fuck & Bad American that you could post??? Thanks alot man - awesome blog.

  3. Could you please upload the Possible Dream LP again? Dead link