Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cowboys Are Indians

Tylers Last Show. Manchester, NH 8/20/07 photo Shannon    Cowboys Are Indians
We are three best friends from Hooksett, NH that formed this band back in 2006.  We've had many bumps in the road since the start.  Starting with the loss of a Brother.  Ryan Patrick Carlson played bass in this band in the very beginning.  The tragic loss of him was devastating, and hard to comprehend.  Ryan was a music lover to the absolute max!  You couldn't get him to shut the fuck up any-time of day about anything related to music.  We never even considered trying to replace his spot, and since then remained as two guitarists and a drummer. Cowboys Are Indians are a progressive screamo band for lack of a better term.  We never set out to play a certain type of music or anything, every song is more-or-less an emotion that was felt at the time.  Melodic to aggressive and heartfelt.  Snarling dual vocals sprinkled with chants.  Think a more pissed-off Sinaloa maybe, I dunno.  Below is our long-awaited LP called Constantly Fucked released on Bear Records out of Allston, MA.  After Blood, Sweat, Hiatus, Shit, Work & Kids, we pulled together what we think is an adequate portrait of what this band is and forever will be.  Also posted is our material from our split CDep with Cassettes On Fire, a Live Split Cassette with Giant Fucking Mirror & our first Self Titled CDep.  Everything we released, besides the live split tape, was recorded and mixed by the great Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA.  Every session was a complete joy.  Enjoy the music.  Dig. 

Purchase the LP HERE

Constantly Fucked LP (2011)

Cowboys Are Indians / Cassettes On Fire Split CDep (2008)

Giant Fucking Mirror Live Split Cassette (2008)
(CAI Tracks Only)

Self Titled CDep (2007)

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