Friday, September 2, 2011


These guys totally kick ass. Doomriders are one of the tastiest sounding bands out there. Sweet, powerful guitar riffs and solos, gallopy transitions, and in your face vocals. When you listen to Doomriders it's like banging the hottest biker chick in a dirty bathroom at the most crazy and outrageous party. This music is drenched with attitude, D-beat, punk, and plain ol' rock n' roll. Check your balls at the door, put on your leather jacket, and play this shit as loud as you can. This is everything they have so far. Download all their shit and prepare yourself for some bad ass jamz!

Note: Their other splits with Disfear and Boris are either on Black Thunder or Darkness Come Alive.      

Members are/were in: Converge, Disappearer, Old Man Gloom, Cave In, Cast Iron Hike, & There Were Wires 

For fans of: Saviours, Black Sabbath, & Motorhead  

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