Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deep Wound

Western Mass' Deep Wound is a early hardcore punk band that formed in 1982.  Always pushing the boundaries, these guys played faster, rawer, and more intensely than any punk band of that time, aside from Siege, who Deep Wound had the pleasure of releasing a 7" with in 1983.  Sadly, the band didn't last long enough.  Surprisingly, two members, I believe the guitarist and the drummer, went on to form the always-great Dinosaur Jr!  Enjoy these classics from Deep Wound below.  DIG.

-For Fans Of:  Negative Approach, Minor Threat & Larm

Self Titled 7" (1983)

Siege Split 7" (1983)
(Deep Wound Tracks Only)

American Style Demo 7" (1982)


  1. i can't believe how much music you have posted on this site... amazing {{{@@@}}} the reason i generally steer clear of metal and punk blogs is not through lack of interest but lack of time, and a fear of falling into a giant black hole... even back when i knew the metal scene pretty much inside out, i didn't know much about the punk and hardcore scene which was always too huge for me to get my head around. your blog pretty much proves it ;-) but thanks anyway for your efforts in getting this stuff heard!

  2. where can I find the Siege side of the split?


  3. Hello:

    Siege Split 7" (1983) (Deep Wound Tracks Only) link was deleted.

    Can you re-upload this album again please?

  4. Compare GOOD Hc With Dutch Crap Like Larm... Larm CAN'T Play... There Bass Player Used To Play On 2 Strings... Ive Seen It Myself When i dId There support Way Back in 1987 With My Old HC Band.... And I Can Know because im From That Area. B.G.K. NO PIGS And C.K.N. Are GOOD... Ive Seen em All... I Know these guys can make good Hardcore.... LARM Is Noisy Crap!