Sunday, August 28, 2011

In First Person

In First Person were a pummeling hardcore band from NJ, lasting from 2006-2009, being made up of such bands as The Assistant, You & I, This Ship Will Sink, and A Petal Fallen. I was lucky enough to see/play a show with these guys/girl and not only were they fucking amazing but awesome people as well. It's always the good bands with good humans who die first. Sucks! Anyways this band is awesome! All three members do vocals and their sound is emotional and crushing. Driving bass, deep layered guitar, and punishing drums. Really solid stuff going on here. Below is their 2006 Demo, Split 7" with Titan, split 12" with Storm The Bastille, and their amazing full length "Lost Between Hands Held Tight". They were on a few comp releases but I'm fairly positive those songs are on these recordings. If I'm wrong hook it up! DIG it baby!

In First Person
2006 Demo

Titan Split 7" (IFP Track Only)

Storm The Bastille Split LP (IFP Tracks Only)

Lost Between Hands Held Tight LP
(The packaging is amazing!)

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