Sunday, August 14, 2011


Picture of Crestfallen
Dirty, Dark, Fast, Thrashy, Crusty Hardcore Punk with a touch of Metal.  Virginia's Crestfallen cover all the bases to make up a memorable band, even if they didn't last that long.  Dudes from Pg. 99 played in this band which definitely stands out a lil' bit.  Straight-to-your-face blazing punk jamz from these guys.  Too bad they couldn't spit out anymore material.  Below, I posted their Self Titled CDep, their LP titled "Streaks Of Terror" and their Split 7" with Waifle.  Enjoy the good ole' feeling of nasty punk.  Dig!

-Members Went to Form/Join... Pygmy Lush, Pizza, Haram & Dead To Me

Self Titled CDep (2003)

Streaks Of Terror LP (2002)

Crestfallen / Waifle Split 7" (2001)

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