Sunday, August 14, 2011

Helms Alee

Helms Alee Plays a Grungy, Spacey, Doomy and progressive form of Stoner-Rock that is just fuckin' rad-as-hell!  Perfectly fit male/female vocals and did I mention they are a TRIO!  For only three members, these girls and guy make so much noise its incredible.  Non stop rocking!  Masterfully written songs with crazy progression and epic build-ups that will have you hooked.  They've released two LP's and one EP since 2007.  Peep 'Em.  You'll be surprised how much you'll Dig.

(NOTE:  I removed a couple tracks from the self-titled ep because the tracks were later released on the Night Terror LP)

-For Fans Of:  Torche, Young Widows & Kylesa

Weatherhead 2x LP (2011)

Night Terror LP (2008)

Self Titled EP