Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tiny Hawks

Fucking Tiny Hawks! I foolishly forgot about this band until just recent when I saw their name somewhere and decided these jamz had to get thrown up on here! Tiny Hawks was a two-piece punk band from Providence, RI. Their music style is somewhat math rock mixed with hints of thrash and noise rock and just plain amazing! I was lucky enough to see these guys back in '06 at Record Hospital Fest in MA and I was blown away. A video of that show is below (not full show). You have to download these albums right fucking now! Life changing to say the least. Fucking Dig!
ps. Both members now play in Arcing.

Fingers Become Bridges (2005)

People Without End (2006)

Tiny Hawks playing "Signal Meets A Signal" Live at Record Hospital Fest 2006


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