Monday, August 1, 2011

Cult Ritual

Cult Ritual was a raging punk band from Florida. These dudes rip so fucking hard it's hard to comprehend. Angry as fuck and brutal live. Not too much else to say other than, to quote their lastfm page, "Musically compared to Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov, the first man to die in outer space." If that doesn't get you stoked than eat shit. Below is their rehearsal cs, first demo, three 7" EP's, and their amazing as fuck LP.  Dig hard! Now! If anyone could share the 2nd and 3rd demos that would be great.  Dig!

Rehearsal Cassette

Demo I

1st 7"

2nd 7"

3rd 7"

Self Titled LP


  1. hi - very interested to check this out, but although the zippyshare link for the second EP is still live, all the others are with mediafire and are dead... poss to reup? thanks in advance :)

  2. does anyone actually read these comments??

  3. thanks! much appreciated :)

    btw in case anyone is interested... this is a live link to a rip of mule skinner's *abuse*, the band's one and only album... i always thought they deserved more attention, but they didn't get it and now they're long gone... apparently the cd is much sought-after now (the rip actually came from here btw)

  4. can anyone either set up links for the demo tape II or has anyone maybe even a real copy?? please reply


  5. I have the Collection cassette, CULT RITUAL VIII cassette and I think the one with the two girls in a couch cover (i think it's the 3rd ep)... where can I upload them?