Sunday, August 28, 2011


Brainstorm was a sick as hell punk band from Florida. This post and the one below it go hand in hand. These dudes didn't last too long... as this band. They have one demo, that is fucking sick, with all three original members., after that they switched their name like a thousand times before deciding on Chronic Youth. From what I can remember the second demo below is right before the name change but it is the two remaining members of Brainstorm that went on to play as Chronic Youth (guitarist and drummer). Both of those are below. Brainstorm played a chaotic heavy mix of punk. Really awesome shit! I talked to one of the members a while back through myspace about setting up a show up my way and he was super nice which makes them cooler, ya know! But anyways get on this shit! Dig!

Demo II

Demo I

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