Sunday, August 21, 2011

Get Fucked

Get Fucked formed in 93 and disbanded a year later. Fast forward to 2002. All the members realized they lived around the same neighborhoods, and decided it be good to get back together and record their discography since none of their material had ever seen the light of day since they played live in the early 90s. Above is that effort. It was released on 10" by Level Plane, and it rips. 8 songs of fast, spazzy screamo that never stops to smell the roses. Flat out intense. It still blows my mind these guys were playing this shit back in 93. Download above, and Get Fucked!!!

Members also played in:  Lickgoldensky, Neil Perry, The Now, & Versoma

For fans of:  Welcome The Plague Year, Neil Perry, & I Am The Resurrection 

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