Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pygmy Lush

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Pygmy Lush is a supergroup from Sterling, Virginia that was formed by members of such acts as Pg. 99, City Of Caterpillar, Malady & Mannequin.  These veterans of the hardcore scene use genius percussion,  subtle and twangy guitar picking, and some of the most atmospheric vocals to create one of the most epic modern folk-rock bands around!  Their debut release entitled "Bitter River" included an equal amount of their infamous punk aspects along with the indie/folk sound, but the band, since then seem to have focused more on the mellow and experimental side of things.  Definitely not a bad decision at all!  Pygmy Lush takes you on a moody ride through a damp, dark and rather trippy universe of sounds and emotions that is ever-so relieving to hear.  Snag everything below and be on the lookout for a new 7" on Clean Plate in the future.  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Ghastly City Sleep, Redwing Blackbird & Des Ark 

Old Friends LP (2011)

Cold World / Guilt 7" (2011)

Turboslut Split LP (2009)
(Pygmy Lush Tracks Only)

Mount Hope LP (2008)

Untitled CDep (2008)

Bitter River LP (2007)

LIVE 2009


  1. Cold World / Guilt 7" (2011)
    download link has expired.

    Thanks a lot anyway!

  2. the bitter river link is dead

    hope you fix it