Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cut The Shit

Cut The Shit is a rowdy hardcore punk band from Boston, Ma.  Thrashy, fast, pissed off and straight to the point.  Members also spent time shredding in Tear It Up, Bones BrigadePoison Control to name a few.  The vocalist is currently playing bass in the punk super-group Failures and other members formed Confines out of Massachusetts as well.  Fucking rad as hell!  If you haven't indulged, You are definitely missing out.  This Band is flat-out CLASSIC!  Below I posted the Marked For Life Collection CD which includes their Marked For Life 10", Bored To Death 7" & Self-Titled (single-sided) 7", along with their debut LP titled "Harmed and Dangerous."  DIG IT....MOFO's

Marked For Life : Collection CD (2004)

Harmed And Dangerous LP (2003)

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