Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ed Gein

ED GEIN is a political, grinding, math-core trio from Syracuse, NY.  Formed in 2001, This band meshed brutal breakdowns, thundering double-bass, muddy and violent riffage played at super-speeds.  Technical, Straight-to-the-Point and damn-right awesome.  All three members even share vocal duties.  They went on hiatus for some time due to horrible luck such as getting robbed a few times, their van constantly breaking down and just plain ole' tour hardships.  I was hoping they didn't split and then out of nowhere, "Bad Luck" came out in 2011!  Their latest album RIPS SO HARD!! They seemed to have cut down on the complicated math-like-songwriting and replaced it with more of a heavy-as-fuck D-Beat Hardcore mixed with some off-time transitions that they fucking nail! No Problem!!  Welcome back ED GEIN!  Below is their entire discography....DIG IT!

-For Fans Of:  Furnace, Veloz & Divider

Bad Luck LP (2011)

Judas Goats And Dieseleaters LP(2005)

It's A Shame... EP (2003)

Demo (2002)

ED GEIN LIVE @ Hellfest 2003

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  1. Buen blog, desconozco si este muerto o algo, pero gracias por postear estos materiales