Saturday, August 20, 2011


Dropdead is a hardcore punk band from Providence, RI.  Mixing elements of thrashy crust punk, d-beat and powerviolence, these dudes have been making a dent in the community since 1991, especially with their strong beliefs in subjects of animal rights, veganism, anti-war and pacifism.  Dropdead is one of my all-time favorite bands, and still continue to blow my mind!  Brutal, Heavy, Dirty, Fast, Crusty, Awesome!  Below, I posted everything I could gather from these thrashers.  Enjoy the jamz.  Dig.

(NOTE: The Early Discography 1991-1993 includes tracks from their Self-Titled LP, Self-Titled 7", Split 8" w/ Rupture, Split 5" w/ Crossed Out & a few Compilation tracks.)

-For Fans Of:  Charles Bronson, Siege & MK-Ultra

Converge Split 7" (2011)
(Dropdead Track Only)

Look Back And Laugh Split 7" (2004)
(Dropdead Tracks Only)

Unholy Grave Split 7" (2003)
(Dropdead Tracks Only)

Live In Germany '98 LP (2003)

Totalitar Split 7" (2002)
(Dropdead Tracks Only)

2nd LP (1998)

Drop On: The Bootleg [Live in Japan '96] (1997)

Hostile 7" (1996)

Early Discography (1991-1993)


  1. Converge split is down.

  2. Thank you so much for this collection!! Cheers, M.