Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yes, their name is Dickkicker! Awesome I know. This is a fairly new band out of Florida playing amazing stoner rock/metal. The recordings are on the raw side but it gives the songs are grittier feel to them which adds to the whole experience I think. These guys are great too because their songs aren't too long. They keep it pretty short while still sludging out on some sweet riffs! Snag this shit up. I read that they have, or are recording for some splits, but I couldn't find anything on them. If you know of anything let me know! Below is their first release from 2010 called Somniloquent, 3 Songs from 2011 & The End that dropped in Feb. 2012. Dig!

Somniloquent (2010)

3 Songs (2011)

The End (2012)

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