Saturday, August 6, 2011


Loma Prieta need no fucking introduction!  Hailing from San Francisco, CA these dudes play a punishing mix of heartfelt skramz with an absurdly technical blend of hardcore craziness!!  Everything about this band is rad!  Strong songwriting and the musical talent to match.  I can't wait to hear a new LP in the near-future.  Below, you can download all their shit to date and have a fuckin' blast!  Warning: Contains EPIC Jamz.  Dig it MoFo's!  Dig!

-Members Also Play(ed) In... Sailboats, PunchBeau Navire

-For Fans Of:  Ampere, Funeral Diner & Arse Moreira 

I.V. LP (2012)

Punch Split 7" (2011)
(Loma Prieta Track Only)

Life/Less LP (2010)

L'Antietam Split 7" [unmastered] (Unreleased)
(Loma Prieta Tracks Only)

Dark Mountain LP (2009)

Last City LP (2008)

Matrimony 7" (2007)

Our LP Is Your EP (2006)

Emo Apocalypse Comp. LP (2006)
(Lome Prieta Track Only)

Arse Moreira Split 5" (Unreleased)
(Loma Prieta Tracks Only)


  1. Que pena, os links não abrem. =/

  2. Thank you very much for posting the latter two. Broke right now, so this is a pleasant surprise to find when I was just looking to hear them via stream or something.