Thursday, August 25, 2011

Transistor Transistor

taken by Markus Shaffer    TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR
No introduction needed, Transistor Transistor is a raw punk, post hardcore powerhouse down to the core.  They formed in 2001 out of Derry, New Hampshire, then eventually relocated to Boston to spread their destructive jamz.  Their earlier sound reminded me of a snotty dirty surf-punk mix, which was baddass, but then they quickly matured into a genius, progressive and heavy-as-shit songwriting style.  All for the better.  Every one of Transistor's songs uniquely stand out.  Perfectly crafted riffage, thundering drums, driving bass all topped off with Nat Coghlan's famous grungy screams.  No one could stop these guys from tearing up every show they played.  Erase All Names And Likeness is a flat-out epic full length that I never thought the band would be able to top.  I was quickly proven wrong after I bumped their following LP, Ruined Lives for the first time.  Timeless and Unforgettable.  Sadly, the band broke up after one-hell-of-a run.  Easily one of my all-time favorites.  If you haven't dabbled yet, you're an idiot.  I posted the band's entire discography below.  DIG!

Ruined Lives LP (2008)

Young Vampires Of New Hampshire 7" (2008)
Erase All Name And Likeness 2xLP (2005)

Wolves Split LP (2004)
(Transistor Transistor Tracks Only)
Light The Fuse And Run Split LP (2003)
(Transistor Transistor Tracks Only)

Mannequin Split 7" (2003)
(Transistor Transistor Tracks Only)

Put Down The Bible, Pick Up The Bottle CDep (2003)

Self Titled LP (2002)

Aim Of Conrad Split 7" (2002)
(Transistor Transistor Track Only)

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