Saturday, August 6, 2011

Total Fury

Total Fury is a thrashy hardcore punk band from Japan.  Taking many influences from the 80's D.C. hardcore scene, these lil' dudes still manage to make the sound fresh!  melodic at times, but they shred like no one else!  They give me kind of a surf-rock/skate-punk vibe with some of the brief twangy guitar solos, but it just adds more flava' to the mix.  I can't stress enough how much this band fuckin' owns!!! Below is everything I could find from these guys.  I believe I'm only missing their Split 7" with Grissle (1999), Live @ The Nile Studio 7" & some Compilation Material.  Enjoy, these guys rule!! Two Words... Fuck Yeah!

For Fans Of:  Minor Threat, Code 13 & Bones Brigade

Ears Go Deaf LP (2008)

Pandamonium Split 7" (2007)
(Total Fury Tracks Only)

The Jury Split 7" (2007)
(Total Fury Tracks Only)

Committed To The Core 7" (2002)

The Oath Split 7" (2002)
(Total Fury Tracks Only)

 13 Songs LP (2000)

Spring Thrash 7" (1997)


  1. Hey man thanks for the awesome music, heard of this band ages ago on MRR Radio and couldn't get to any albums till now!
    Could you please reupload the Oath and The Jury splits? Seems they were deleted or something

  2. hell yeah love this band! thanks for the uploads. ps spring thrash's link expired. any chance you could re up?

  3. Yea half of these link are expired!