Saturday, May 19, 2012

Social Circkle

Massachusetts' Social Circkle was an unstoppable force of pure american hardcore punk reminiscent of the classic 80's hardcore wave and a more modern garage-punk.  Aggressive and snotty vocals are shouted over driving, twangy and thrashy punk riffs at manic speeds, thumping bass hooks keep the constant flow moving along with some incredibly tight drums that are straight-up siiick!  I can't really say exactly how insanely good this band is besides the fact that Social Circkle is nothing short of an inspiration for the punk and hardcore community.  Between 2005-2011 these dudes absolutely killed it and left some insane jams behind!  Snag these thrashterpieces, their discography is posted below.  DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Blank Stare, Confines, Bloody Gears, Boston Strangler & Sleeper Cell

-For Fans Of:  Failures, Government Warning, Direct Control & Cut The Shit

Expiration Date 7" (2011)

City Shock LP (2009)

On The Run 7" (2009)

March Session Cassette (2008)

I've Got Afflictions 7" (2007)

Static Eyes 7" (2006)

Demo Cassette (2005)

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