Saturday, May 9, 2015

Disciples Of Christ

Disciples Of Christ!  Holy hell!  Here is some superior grindcore/powerviolence that features some dudes from Magrudergrind, Coke Bust, Sick Fix & Genocide Pact.  This trio constructs some insanely heavy and brutal jams that are drenched in muddy feedback and disgusting vocals.  Rapid-fire speeds match up with dark and doomy breaks that're mean as hell.  These guys are sick!  A split with Shitstorm may be in the works as well so keep your fingers crossed!  Snag these fucking jams below and DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Sick/TiredRunning For CoverIron Lung & Abuse.

2015 demo cover art
Demo Cassette (2015)

Decomposition Fantasy cover art
Decomposition Fantasy 12" EP (2013)

Disciples Of Christ / Triac Split 12" EP (2013)

Image result for mind as prison disciples of christ split
Mind As Prison / Disciples Of Christ Split 7" (2011)

To Live A Lie Volume I 7" cover art
To Live A Lie Vol. I Comp. 7" (2011)
(D.O.C. Track Only)

Demo 7" (2010)


  1. This band rules.
    Do you guys have your emial posted anywhere on here
    I would lvoe for you to check out my band and maybe post it
    super evil, heavy, sludgey hardcore.

  2. Whatever you have as the audio files for the Mind As Prison Split aren't the actual tracks on the split. I believe they are older recordings of the 2010 Demo, possibly when it was a cassette put out by the band? I'm wondering where you found these MP3 files because I cannot find any trace of them on the internet and I want to try to buy a 7" or cassette that has these recordings because I like them more than the ones put out with To Live A Lie.