Saturday, May 16, 2015


Picture of Locktender
This description hit the nail on the head...  "After taking a two year hiatus to pursue family/travel/school/work, the members of Men As Trees have relocated and reformed as Locktender in Cleveland, OH. in 2012. Locktender is a concept-focused hardcore band concentrating on artists and their works interpreted through music, lyrics & art. Every album is an artist, every song is a different work."  'Nuff said, these guys are incredibly crushing, experimental and mesmerizing through and through.  I'm still kicking myself in the ass for missing their recent NH show with KYOTY and Backstabbers Inc.  Snag their epic material below and try not to dig.

- For Fans Of:  Øjne, Crows-An-Wra, Funeral Diner & Oaken

Rodin cover art
Rodin LP (2014)

Split 7" w/ Amber cover art
Locktender / Amber Split 7" (2014)

Kafka cover art
Kafka LP (2013)

Collected Cassette (2012-2013)

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