Friday, May 15, 2015

Broken Prayer

Chicago's Broken Prayer has always killed it!  This is some utterly pissed off hardcore with an odd, experimental rock twist that make their jams sound all the better.  From dreary harmonizing melodies to throaty, gasping howls, the vocals really shine here.  Overall, these guys are eerie and blended with unsettling emotions and immense rage.  This band is rad to the max and difficult to pinpoint.  Snag their undeniably addicting new LP along with everything else they released below and dig your brains out!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Manipulation, Strangers, Poison Planet, Libyans & Civic Progress

Image result for broken prayer misanthropocentric
Misanthropocentric LP (2015)

Image result for welcome to 2014 comp lp
Welcome To 2013 Comp LP

Self Titled LP (2012)

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Wow / Pull A Kaczynski 7" (2012)

Demo Cassette (2010)

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