Friday, May 15, 2015

The Ladies

Offensive drunk punkers, The Ladies don't give a fuck about anything, and it shows in their lyrics and easy-to-swollow, cock-rock stylings of infused punk. These Richmond VA low-lifes have been worm food since 2010, but once you crank these songs you'll wish there were more bands like the Ladies.  Their straight forward approach to not giving a fuck anything besides drinking, drugging, fucking, & partying is a lost art. The Ladies are fuck ups. Nothing more or less. Just deal with it and have some fucking fun with it.

Members were also in: Bad Advice ...and probably a shit ton of others. Hook it up if you know!

Tracks 1-5 from Ladies 7" 
Tracks 6-8 from Trashed 7"
Tracks 9-12 from Hole Sailer 7"
Tracks 13-18 from Six More Reasons to Hate The Ladies 7" 


For fans of: PanthersCloak/Dagger, & Social Circkle

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  1. Members were also in The Goddamn Wolves and are now in The Omega Boys: