Saturday, January 7, 2012

Running For Cover

Running For Cover was a spastic and brutal powerviolence/hardcore punk band outta Buffalo, NY.  These guys only existed from 2002-2005, and in that time, had released a 20-song Demo Tape, a live EP, a 7" EP, an LP and 3 live comp. tracks.  Everything is posted below.  Dig!!!!

-Members Also Played In:  Slavestate and They Live

-For Fans Of:  Scapegoat, No Comment, Vaccine & Lapse

Trapped In A Scene Comp. LP (2007)
(Running For Cover Tracks Only)
Dark Well LP (2005)
Human Ruins 7" (2003)
Studio 3 Session CD-R (2003)

Demo Cassette (2002)


  1. The Dark Well LP and Trapped In A Scene links are fixed, however I lost my files for the Studio 3 Session and Human Ruins 7". Could anyone help a brutha out with some active links? It would be most appreciated!

  2. Demo is coming out on vinyl soon.

  3. Here's the Running for Cover 2002 Demo =>
    Human Ruin EP =>
    + the Dead Language LP with members of Iron Lung, Low Threat Profile, and Running For Cover =>

  4. The singer of Running for Cover Patrick plays Bass in Gas Chamber!

  5. yo can you repost the link to dark well?