Saturday, December 31, 2011

Polar Bear Club

Rochester, New York's Polar Bear Club are a flawless blend of indie-rock, pop-punk and straight-up hardcore.  These dudes tastefully mix the intensity of hardcore with the melodic songwriting skills of indie-rock.  They create a very mature sound that is full of heart and attitude with very fitting vocals that are harsh with a rough punk sound, but also contain a shit-ton of perfected melodies with plenty of sing-a-longs and some awesome uses of group chants and "whoa's".  Polar Bear Club are flat-out amazing with powerful riffs that twinkle all over the frets with intensity and passion and some sick drums and bass that keep the songs moving right along.  The entire band is so talented, you really can't pass them up.  Since their 2005 Demo dropped, these guys have been unstoppable. Download everything below and find out why they rule so goddamn much.  Dig.

Clash Battle Guilt Pride LP (2011)

The View, The Life 7" (2011)

Sometimes Things Just Disappear LP (2009) 

Chasing Hamburg LP (2009)

The Summer Of George 7" (2009)

The Redder, The Better CDep (2006)

Demo (2005)


  1. This. Is. AWESOME. It has taken me link after link to find this page but I am SO glad I did! Thanks a lot for putting all this awesome music in one easy place!

  2. Your missing track 3 from Chasing Hamburg. Can you reupload it?

    Thank you.