Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teenage Cool Kids

Fun, fun, fun in the Texas sun. Teenage Cool Kids are an indie-pop mess that can put a smile on anyone's face if you allow it to happen. These guys do everything to please an indie-lover, while adding a 90's grunge rock aspect to their sound. It might take a few listens to really get into TCK, because their stuff isn't as easy to swallow as other indie acts sometimes. But their not afraid to try different things, which is something any music-lover can respect. Their latest LP, Denton After Sunset is their darkest and most diverse release, but the cool kids needed to grow up. Denton is an amazing record. Everything about it establishes TCK as a group who aren't weary of going in strange directions. I'm pretty sure below is everything they've done. Download and jam with the cool kids!!! 

* The Speaking In Tongues 7" only has one track on it since the song, Speaking In Tongues is on the Foreign Lands LP.

For fans of:  Dinosaur Jr., RVIVR, & Algernon Cadwallader