Saturday, October 25, 2014


RVIVR is an amazingly fun punk rock band from Washington State.  Dual male/female sing-a-longs & rapid-fire guitar picking make this band surprisingly awesome.  Everytime I crank their jamz, a huge smile is slapped on my face and I can't resist from rockin' out heavy and bangin' my head!  So damn catchy and enjoyable, I feel everyone has to peep these guys/girls.  Rock-solid mood-music for a good time.  They make it sound simple yet so much magic is going on withing their songwriting and ends up as a perfect blend of punk rock.  The band's most recent release is incredibly catchy and just as addicting as their previous material has been.  Enjoy! Smile! Laugh! Sing! Jam! Dig!

Bicker and Breathe EP cover art
Bicker And Breathe 12" EP (2014)

The Beauty Between LP

Self Titled LP (2011)

The Joester Sessions 2008-2011 LP


  1. Thanks for an excellent blog; I have a new computer and this is a godsend. I was really excited to see a link for Belebend!...then sad to see the the file is not there. Oh well

  2. Hey, I play in a pop punk-ish band called Open Letters and we just released our first ep. We're from Vancouver, British Columbia and we're a 3 piece. It would be cool if you gave it a listen! Downloads are by donation (including donations of the 0 dollar variety) and all proceeds go to a local drop in centre for female survival sex workers called WISH.

    If you need any info from us or anything just let me know!

  3. I can attest to how fucking great this and is. Their records don't do justice for their live shows though.

  4. GRACIAS!!! como flasheo con estos loquitos! mil gracias