Saturday, October 25, 2014

Siberian Hell Sounds

Siberian Hell Sounds play an unrelenting concoction of grinding metal, crust and massive sludge grooves.  These dudes create a non-stop sound consisting of driving riffs coated in thick distortion, deep bass rhythms and intense vocals that range from guttural and girthy to throat-destroying shrieks.  These guys have been on my own personal back-burner for no damn good reason, but here you go.  Snag this destructive material below and dig!

SHS///NØNE cover art 
Siberian Hell Sounds / NØNE Split 10" (2014)

The PCPEP Cassette (2014)

Siberian Hell Sounds cover art 
Self Titled Cassette (2013)

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  1. These guys have 2 more releases for free on their bandcamp