Thursday, December 15, 2011

White Boss

White Boss is a drone punk masterpiece from Olympia, WA. If you've never heard them before, be warned that they're not for everybody. White Boss' song structure is revolved around a steady style of drone guitar riffs that escalate into something fast and punk-like or psychedelic and odd. Their Demo Tape is a little messy at times, but bare with it because as a whole there's some really cool stuff going on in those songs. After a few years, they recently cranked out two comp. tracks and their long overdue self-titled LP and it fuckin' rips. I've done my best to make this sound awesome. Just download it and see for yourself. 

* There's not track titles for the 3 songs on the Demo Tape. If you know them please comment or message us.

For fans of:  Old Man Gloom, Windmills By The Ocean, & Earth


  1. track list as follows:
    Side 1
    3.Where I Lay
    5.The Sun is Up
    6.One Truth

    Side 2
    1.Drugged Out
    2.White Haze

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