Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cassettes On Fire

Cassettes On Fire is a refreshing blast of passionate screamo from Florida.  Dripping with emotion and intensity and DIY to the core.  These guys and girl play a nice blend of 90's emo with a harsh mix of early-00's screamo that is such freakin' joy!  We had the privilege to release a split CDep with them back in '08, and the pleasure was all ours.  Cassettes On Fire remind me of all the things I love about the genre.  All their recordings were captured in random living rooms and basements, which adds a nice layer of rawness to the overall sound.  It's a damn shame these dudes and dudette split up, they were rad as hell.  I can't find their split EP with Vessels Of Energia for the life of me but you can peep the tracks HERE on their Myspace.  Snag all of this if you haven't dabbled already.  Dig.

Cowboys Are Indians / Cassette On Fire Split CDep (2008)

...Might Sink Ships CDep (2007)

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