Friday, December 16, 2011


Herds = fucking rad!  Hailing from Wisconsin, and made up of members from Charles Bronson, Get Rad and Threatener, these dudes create a noisy, loud and fast hardcore punk that is straight up magical.  Herds thrash like maniacs with down-tuned muddy bass, nasty guitar riffs, thunderous drums and forcefully aggravated vocals.  They also add some nice punk grooves when their not blasting away like madmen.  This band is all-around amazing with a devastating and highly original sound with a badass result.  It's dirty, grungy, rocky, spazzy and intense.  Fucking EPIC!  Their discography absolutely slays!  Snag below and DIG!

Michigan 7" (2011)

Self Titled LP (2009)

Self Titled 7" (2008)

Spring / Katmai 7" (2008)

Demo Cassette (2008)


  1. please reupload the herds discography thanks!

  2. Oops sorry!! :-D Didn't check one more time before writing. Been checking for months now... GREAT JOB!! THX