Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Republic Of Wolves

This is my first post in months. I thought I would try something a little different. This is, The Republic Of Wolves. TROW hail from Long Island, NY and play really awesome indie rock with some heavy influence from some other Long Island natives such as Glassjaw, Straylight Run, and one of my favorite bands, Brand New. Their songs were actually mistaken for Brand New songs off of "Daisy" before it was released, which is exactly how I stumbled upon them. This band is really fucking good. They have some really great lyrics and amazing musicianship. Below is their first ep, "His Old Branches", their first full length, "Varuna", and their new "extended play" album, "The Cartographer." They also have a 7" entitled "Cardinals" that has some previously released tracks, and a new album/dvd combo called "House of Dust". You can listen to both of those albums on their Website or Bandcamp. Dig this band!


  1. would love to hear this but they are not working!

  2. anyway you could re-upload these (and other Republic of Wolves albums)?