Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sex Vid

Sex Vid as a gritty, noisy, thrashy and punishing hardcore punk act from Washington State.  Some-what lo-fi punk jams cranked out at ludicrous speeds that shred up and down the frets with blaring and violent guitar and bass riffs.  Loud and spastic drums and fuzzy bass sound amazing with the fierce guitars and unrelentingly vicious vocals.  These obnoxious punks definitely thrash it up right!  Sex Vid is seriously amazing.  They are a dirty, feedback-filled masterpiece.  Below is everything I could gather up.  Enjoy the excellence.  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Cülo, Vile Gash, Raw Nerve & Suburbanite 

Communal Living LP (2008)

Nests 7" (2008)

Voyeur 7" (2008)

Tania 7" (2007)

Maggot Minded Comp. Cassette (2007)
(Sex Vid Tracks Only)

Drugging 7" (2005)

Demo Cassette

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