Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Loss For Words

A Loss For Words is an intense and equally catchy pop-punk band from Boston, MA.  These dudes shine with everything you love about emotional pop-punk with aspects of post-hardcore.  Don't be close minded, these guys are powerful and technical with brutally awesome guitar licks, driving and fast drumming and bass that are a perfect fit with the melodic sing-a-long vocals and background chants.  They are on the poppy side of things, however, they are drenched in true hardcore roots.  Awesome songwriting that will make you rock your face off.  Everything the band released is posted below.  Get down with these tastefully aggressive treasures!  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, No Trigger & Ambry

Such Gold Split EP (2011)
(AL4W Tracks Only)

No Sanctuary LP (2011)

Motown Classics [Covers] (2010)

The Kids Can't Lose LP (2009)

Webster Lake EP [Acoustic] (2008)

They Sleep They Dream Split EP (2007)
(AL4W Tracks Only)

These Past Five Years EP (2005)

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