Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Day In Black And White

Probably one of the most recommended bands if you've never heard progressive screamo from the early 00's. A Day In Black And White are powerful, beautiful, aggressive, and chaotic all rolled into one. Memorable riffs and cool drum parts are what ADIBAW is made of. You'll be humming their melodies and air drumming these jamz long after listening. Below is everything I could find from ADIBAW. Their first split 7' with Silent Reminder is nowhere to be found. It's a shame, but it's only one song missing from the collection. The Notes LP was their last release and most different. Instead of staying progressive they reinvented themselves and changed their style to experimental noise rock. If you're still unsure about these guys, download their first LP, My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys it's fuckin' timeless.  

For fans of:  City Of Caterpillar, Neil Perry & Sinaloa

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