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Before Torche, guitarist/vocalist Steve Brooks unleashed Floor back in 1992.  This band probably stands out the most to me in the stoner-rock/doom-metal categories.  They play a super-heavy style with two insanely low-tuned guitars (no bass) and thunderous, war-like drums.  The vocals in the earlier material are much more raspy and metal, but Brooks eventually found his voice and created a wall of harmonic, sludgy, droney and destructive songs with endless amounts of distorted riffs that will bring the end of days.  Floor disbanded in 2003 after their debut Self-Titled LP.  The Dove LP was released in 2004, however, the tracks were recorded back in 1994.  They briefly reformed in 2010 to promote their 8-CD/10-LP Box Set Discography released on Robotic Empire.  I didn't post their discography, but I gathered what I think is all of the band's legit releases.  I suggest cranking their Self-Titled LP first, then work your way down the line.  This shit is sooo fucking heavy!  Definitely tasty as hell and well worth a peep.  Snag it all below. DIG.

-For Fans Of:  Torche, Bongzilla, Electric Wizard & Grief

Dove LP (2004)

Self-Titled LP (2002)

Dove Split 7" (2001)
(Floor Track Only)

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Comp. 3x 7" (1998)

Goddard / Slugthrower 7" (1995)

Sloth Split 7" (1995)
(Floor Track Only)

Loud & Ugly Vol. 2 Comp. 7" (1995)
(Floor Track Only)

Loanin' / Figbender 7" (1994)

Tired From Now On Split 7" (1994)
(Floor Track Only)

Spazz Split 7" (1994)
(Floor Track Only)

Madonna 7" (1994)

Heather / When The Pigs Broke Free 7" (1993)


  1. hey man, sorry to bother you, nut do you have the tracks "Dove" and "I Remember Nothing" from Dove and also their track from the No Idea No.12 comp "Who Are You" thanks and cool blog man.

  2. please re-up these. Most of the links are dead