Friday, November 11, 2011


photo by todd pollock    champion
Champion is a loud, fast, energetic and positive straight-edge hardcore band from Seattle, WA.  Blazing, beefy power-chord shredding riffs, thundering drums and pissed off vocals with a posi-message are jammed right down your throat.  Champion is one of the most powerful SxE hardcore bands I've heard.  Classic tracks filled with chants,  old-school breakdowns and everything else you love about hardcore.  This band owns!  Sadly they band departed in 2006, but they definitely left some gold behind.  Below, I posted everything I could find from 'em.  DIG!

(NOTE: The Time Slips Away LP is a collection of Champion's Come Out Swinging EP & Count Our Numbers EP)

-For Fans Of:  Bane, Have Heart & Guns Up!

Different Directions : The Last Show LP (2007)

Betrayed Split 7" (2006)
(Champion Tracks Only)

Promises Kept LP (2004)

The Truth 7" (2004)

Time Slips Away LP [Collection] (2004)

Demo (1999)

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