Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Padidle is the brain-child solo project from Tim of Cowboys Are Indians, Bigger Trees Near Water & Baluga.  These acoustic jamz are a nice blend of folk, blues and good ole' rock'n'roll.  Refreshingly creative and heartfelt. I'm not only saying this because he's one of my best friends,  I can't lie about how much I enjoy these tracks.  The vibes that are being cranked out come directly from the soul.  For some nice subtle "kick-back-n-relax" jamz, I'd definitely give this material a listen.  The recordings aren't the cleanest sounding, and may be fuzzy in parts, but the rawness of the guitar and percussion fits perfectly.  Peep this shit.  Everything he recorded is posted below.  Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Owen & Cough Cough

Scattered Fragments CDep

Straight Guys Can Say Pretty : BLACKHATCLUB Split CD-R

HERE you can download the BLACKHATCLUB & Padidle Collaboration track titled "Rusty River"

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  1. Man! Could you please reupload? Looking forward to it...