Sunday, November 20, 2011

Colin Of Arabia

Colin Of Arabia is a fierce, beefy and frantic hardcore band from Boston.  Distinctive snarling vocals mesh with blazing power chords, fast, driving and pummeling drums and bass that makes these dudes stand out like crazy in a cluttered Boston hardcore scene.  They thrash like no other and get straight to the point and in your face.  Pissed off chants and some nice breaks are thrown into this frenzied hardcore punk mix in the best ways possible.  This delivery of brutal bean-town hardcore will surely tear shit up in your speakers just like their live shows.  Below is everything I could gather from COA.  Dig.  Dig it deep.

-For Fans Of:  Product Of Waste, Death Threat & Ringworm

Science Of Violence Cassette (2009)

Pain Machines : A Collection (2006-2008)

Illegal Exhibitions Of Speed LP (2004)

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